Crayford Baptist Church

Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes...1 Cor.13:7


Crayford Baptist Church currently have a Minister Vacancy and are in interregnum. We are praying for guidance from our Lord to give us the right leader.

Praying is our main weapon!

We are looking for a minister who is pastorally sensitive to the needs within the fellowship and community, and will be supportive of all age groups. An essential aspect is the ability to lead worship and to preach so that everyone grows in understanding and commitment; to encourage Bible study and prayer; and to inspire outreach.

We need a minister who is in sympathy with the church covenant and is personally willing to work with other local churches. Also essential is someone who believes in “whole-body” ministry and is happy to get people involved; someone who will be willing to allow members of the con- gregation to preach quite often or lead worship; someone who will encourage people to develop and test their gifting. Our new minister will need to be appreciative of traditional worship and also open to more modern compositions, with a heart for mission both locally and worldwide.