Crayford Baptist Church

... for you are all one in Christ Jesus - Galatians 3:28

Changed lives

On this page church members share a little of their stories about how their lives have been changed by Jesus Christ (and being part of CBC too).

Changed lives

I first came to Crayford Baptist Church when I was 12. 70 years have passed and I'm still here. As a youngster I wanted to know that I was accepted by God, but how could I be sure? Then I came to Jesus and step by step, by reading the Bible, praying and talking to other believers, I found the answer. Jesus had shed His blood to release me from my sin; in fact His blood washes me clean from every stain of sin. Not only that but He gave me a new heart and a new spirit… but it took a while to register. One thing
I know is that He is my light and my salvation, my life – and what
a life it has been!

I have spent many holidays with friends working on the mission field in some very difficult places,
and I too became involved in this work which is a steep learning curve. Walking with Jesus is truly exciting and educational – He wants us to learn. I would say that my thirst to learn is greater now
than ever it was. I may be an only child, but I have a huge extended family. When I put my hand into the hand of Jesus, life truly began. He has never let me go or let me down, and one day He will welcome me into glory!